Reasons to use Hemp oil for Dogs

Use as a suppplement

It is possible to supplement canine diets with hemp seed oil, if the right products are used, in safe amounts, The health benefits enjoyed by humans can also be enjoyed by pets; for example, shinier hair, a stronger immune system and reduced inflammation and skin allergies. Hemp seed oil has no psychotropic properties, it will not harm pets or have a detrimental impact on their mood or personality.

How to use hemp oil for dogs

However hemp seed oil should never be cooked before given to a pet. If its being added to pre-cooked pet food, it needs to be incorporated immediately before serving one teaspoon per day is more than enough, even for large pets. remember that too much hemp oil can be bad for health. The only time that hemp oil is not suitable is when a pet is being fed a special protein packed diet. As hemp seed oil is also protein rich, combining it with a protein heavy diet will lead to an imbalance of healthy fats and acids. In this case, flaxseed oil is the safest, healthiest alternative to hemp oil.

Hemp oil uses for dogs;

  • Anxiety
  • Pain Relief
  • Inflammation
  • Appetite
  • Cardiovascular Health

Recommended dosage;

< 2KG     - 1 drop twice a day

3-9KG      - 2-4 drops twice a day

10-23KG   - 3-6 drops twice a day

over 23KG - 5-8 drops twice a day


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