Hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs

Hemp Oil Vs CBD oil for dogs 

The popularity of CBD oil and hemp oil are on the rise due to numerous benefits that they provide their users. As the time pases more and more people are inclined towards the use of hemp and CBD. Most people are now trying CBD and hem for their beloved dog to see if they are able to provide the same benefits for them as they do for humans. With this in mind, here we have hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs to compare the both oils and to see which oil provides better health benefits for your furry friend.

The hemp oil comes from hemp and CBD comes from cannabidiol, both of which are closely related to marijuana; one key difference between them is that marijuana contains THC which can make us ‘high’. However in hemp or cannabidiol, the concentration of THC is minimal making it secure for us and dogs. 

Hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs:

Hemp oil for dogs: 

There are two types of hemp oils that are available, one is hemp oil and the other is hemp seed oil. The hemp oil is derived from the hemp plant while the hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of hemp. Although both of the oils are beneficial, hemp oil is known to boast more benefits for dogs as it is composed of full hemp plant.

Most of the research that we have is on hemp oil and some research is being conducted on the hemp seed oil but it is concluded that they can provide the same benefits as they come from the same plant. Here are some benefits of hemp oil.

  • Relieving pain:

As hemp is closely related to marijuana, the hemp also contains the healing and pain relieving properties of marijuana.

  • Inflammation:

The hemp oil also contains healing properties and anti-inflammatory properties that can help in curing internal inflammation.

  • Increase appetite:

Some dogs suffer to eat their food and feel that they do not have an appetite; however, hemp oil can change that and make your furry friend hungry.

CBD oil for dogs:

Although there is not much research available on the effects of CBD oil on dogs as it benefits it. However, CBD and hemp are similar in composition and extraction making their benefits similar to that of hemp oil. Thus you can expect many of the benefits of CBD to be like hemp oil. Being closely related to each other the benefits obtained from CBD and hemp oil are the same. Both provide anti-inflammatory elements, increase appetite, fight tumors, relieve pain, stop anxiety and much more.


In this article on Hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs, here is the conclusion that we came to.

  • Hemp oil is extracted from hemp.
  • CBD oil is extracted from cannabidiol.
  • Hemp and CBD have low percentages of THC which does not let the consumer get high.
  • Hemp oil and CBD oil boast the same benefits and are closely related to each other.
  • In Depth study of hemp oil on dogs has been done while the study of CBD oil on dogs is being conducted.
  • Many people have tried giving their furry friend the CBD oil and conferred results similar to that of hemp oil.

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