Hemp Tea vs Matcha Tea

Hemp Tea vs Matcha Tea - `A comparison 

It might come as a surprise for some people but tea was used as a medicinal remedy back in the day. In the modern world, Tea is a hot beverage that has become a significant part of our lives. Countries like India, China, Pakistan, and other Asian countries are famous for their unique Tea recipes. Furthermore, since the legalization of hemp in Canada and some parts of the United States, people are curious to know its benefits and how it would compare with Matcha tea. Therefore, we put some effort into it, and here’s a brief comparison between Hemp tea and Matcha Tea. 

What's the difference between Hemp Tea and Matcha Tea?

Hemp tea is a hot beverage that is derived from hemp leaves and flowers. Unlike its derivatives, Hemp tea features a negligible amount of THC, and therefore, it does not contain any mind-altering substance that makes you high. On the contrary, Hemp tea has many health benefits, and quite often, it is used to treat chronic illnesses and other mental and physical anomalies. 

 On the contrary, Matcha tea is a powdered form of green tea leaves. Derived from the same Camellia Sinesis plant but under different harvesting conditions. Matcha tea features many healthy properties that are beneficial for the human body. The origin of Matcha tea is found in Japan but in the modern world, the demand for Matcha tea is on the rise in countries like the U.S and Canada.

Health Benefits of Hemp Tea 

Helps with Anxiety 

Over thinking is said to be the most obvious reason behind anxiety and to cope with it, Hemp tea can be used because it features endocannabinoid properties that interact with the nervous system of the body. Upon consuming Hemp tea, the receptors in the body will be boosted and the person will get relief from anxiety for a long while.

Relief from Chronic Illnesses

Chronic illnesses like back pain could negatively impact the life quality of a person. Opioids are generally prescribed to cope with the pain but they are highly addictive and have numerous side effects. However, hemp tea could also provide relief for chronic pain and illnesses. Hemp features anti-inflammatory properties that play a vital role in reducing the inflammation inside the body and ease the pain. 


Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea

Open Sinuses 

Matcha Tea is an excellent remedy if you’re suffering from a leaky nose or a sore throat. Its refreshing properties can instantly open sinuses and clear the airway. During flu, drinking Matcha tea could remove the mucus and clear the sinuses. 

Anti-Cancer properties

Many peer-reviewed pieces of research have found that Matcha has the potential to prevent cancer. Because of its rich EGCC (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) properties, Matcha tea could kill cancer cells in the body and reduce your chances of getting prostate, Liver, and Lungs Cancer. 



In our comparison of Hemp Tea vs. Matcha Tea, the one thing that is common between the two is that both of them are beneficial for the human body. And aside from their properties and uses, both of them have a sweet earthy-taste. 

 If you’ve never had a sip of these delicious beverages then you’re missing out on a lot and that’s why we recommended giving these drinks a shot and see for yourself. 

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